Free Seminar on Insurance Literacy Hosted are sponsoring a free seminar on the subject of Insurance Literacy and Awareness. This seminar is open to the general public, and the registration is free. Just visit our Contact Us page section and fill out the form there. The ror1state think-tank came up with the idea of a free seminar to make the public more aware of the in and outs of the insurance business. This will help the customer or potential customer make an informed decision in terms of choosing the right insurance package that fits his or her budget or current financial needs.

The free seminar will be headed by our resident Insurance “Super” agent Will “The Drill” Fartay, whose specialty is Insurance Claims Processing Ins and Outs. During the session, he will discuss important guidelines to follow whenever you find yourself dealing with an insurance agent. He will also share insider tips and tricks to help you make a wiser decision regarding your insurance needs in the future.

Participants will also be treated to a mini concert during the intermission break between seminar sessions. This will help lighten up the mood of the occasion as well as give the participants a little time to stretch out their legs and sort of reboot from the morning session. The concert will be headlined by the acoustic renditions of Journeymen, a local rock band with a cult following.

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