Insurance Policy Review Held

A review in the Insurance Policy Standard Operating Procedures was conducted on the eve of the Year-end Company meeting held at the ror1state Head Office on 29th December. The meeting was attended by all concerned units, particularly the Sales Team as well as the Customer Care Team. After the review, the committee recommended some minor changes in the policy drafting procedure and the consensus to adhere to the new guidelines was unanimous.

The steps we introduced were aimed to amend old policies and improve the business contingencies of the organization. Although the meeting showed a very detailed and meticulous scrutiny of the current procedures, this also gave way to making new policies to keep up with the modern times, namely internet issues, mostly regarding security and privacy of the clientele.

The meeting was followed by an informal dinner of Chinese takeoutĀ which the whole team enjoyed thoroughly. After the dinner members of the committee held a short program, which was mainly people singing their hearts out Karaoke-style to end the night. As expected, Super Agent Will “The Drill” Fartay spearheaded the impromptu activities.

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