ror1state Gives Away Free Insurance

As a way of saying “Thank you!” to its loyal customers, ror1state is giving away one Free Insurance ¬†policy to a lucky customer. Due to its astronomical growth and success, the company has decided to give back to its customers by selecting one lucky policy-holder to win a free Life Insurance Policy valued at $100,000.00! At first, it may not sound like a good business decision, giving away the very products that you sell to your customers. But the effect of this giveaway is the return of many more customers and the addition of new ones.

You can say, “Oh! So it’s a marketing strategy!” That is absolutely correct. By giving away an insurance policy, we are telling our customers that we are not all about just profits, or income, or kickbacks. Instead, we are showing our customers, especially the loyal, long-standing customers who stuck with us through thick and thin, that we really do care for them, in every sense of the word.

This is what makes us a viable partner for people seeking insurance coverage. We have great rapport with our clients, and we deal with them from a standpoint of a peer instead of a superior. This is how we build trust and confidence. And in so doing, we forge a lifetime commitment from our clients. Now, if that’s not a good marketing strategy, then I don’t know what is.

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