ror1state.org is the pioneer in the realm of online insurance globally. We are the first to introduce the concept of online insurance and we are at the forefront of any developments in this sector of business. As such, we claim to be the most innovative, forward-thinkers who saw a big market scope when nobody else thought it was viable during the first few years when we started the business.

Today, we have over 300,000 active clients who avail of our insurance packages year in and year out. We have loyal customers who have been with us since we started operating the company in the early 90’s. We attribute most of our success to the attention to detail which we provide when we deal with our customers. This personalized touch is what endeared us to our customers, and we continue this tradition for the coming years ahead.

The secret to our success is actually no secret at all. We let everyone know it, yet no other company seems to come close to match the feat which we have accomplished. This is the truest testament to our dedication as a team and our loyalty to our customers as well. We look forward to more years of success in partnering with our clients and also look to grow beyond our present market reach to encompass a wider range of areas to cover with our insurance policies.